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– Independent Filmmaker –


Delta-Kestrel Pictures produces independent short films that look at our world through the eyes of social justice, environmental issues, technology, progress and nature.

Delta-Kestrel Pictures was founded in Montreal in 1973 by 16-year old high school student Douglas Brown, who became fascinated with film-making and produced three short films. The technology of the mid-1970’s was crude compared to today. The films were shot on Kodak Super 8mm color motion picture film with no sound. Sound was recorded in studio on reel-to-reel tape and was only added to the films when they were converted to digital media in 2007/2008.

The three short films (It’s Not Too Late!!, Eye of A Needle & EON) and a third co-produced film ‘The Stranger’, were entered in both the Beaconsfield High School Film Festival (BHSFF) and the PAPT (Regional School Board) Festivals for 1974 & 1975. The film ‘It’s Not Too Late!!’ won in the BHSFF.

PAPT_ItsNottooLate1024 PAPT_TheStranger1024

After moving to Toronto in 1976 and a few unfinished film projects, life took over from art and the camera was put aside as Douglas pursued a career in Information Technology and Information Security.

Over thirty years after first being bitten by the film-making bug, Douglas Brown once again picked up the camera and imagination to produce his first short film since 1975. The technology for film-making is better, but the process is the same. FOUND: Buried Treasure was the re-birth of a dream to make short films that make you think, and while the years of being away from film-making show in this production, the seed of imagination has been germinated once again.

Acting in the Sheridan College film ‘Patriarch‘ in 2011 as the butler, Douglas used the stage name Vincent Madison – a name he created and used in several LOST-TV inspired online Alternate Reality Games (ARG’s) that Douglas created in 2005.

With several new film projects in development, Delta-Kestrel Pictures is once again making independent films.